Eadem Mutata Resurgo

by Mechanik



"Eadem Mutata Resurgo" includes all new, mostly instrumental compositions performed and recorded by the combo of Lete (drums, percussions), Tasio (bass, effects), Yul (electronics), and Klaus (guitars, effects, voice) at Headroom studio.
The album is conceived as a non-stop and psych-out transmission with the tracks organically flowing into one another. It's darker, more experimental and courageous work in comparison with the band's previous album. Yet it will fully satisfy lovers of motoric, groovy, rich and intricately textured trippy space-kraut-rock fueled by the themes of Death, Mysticism, Gnosticism, Time Travel, Drug Abuse, Spiritualism, Outer Space, Decadence, etc.

8 tracks 53 min
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"Eadem Mutata Resurgo is a thing of wonder, it brings something new to the psych scene; a creativity not oft seen. Each track is embued with an atmosphere of its own, some reminiscent of krautrock forefathers, some scatological musings on space...but it's 'Howl' to which I'm drawn back - the marriage of an iconic poem with some top grade psych is truly inspired." – by Andy Uzzell at Dayz of Purple and Orange (UK October 2015)

"Eadem Mutata Resurgo is one of the most successful albums in reconciling the freedom of jamming with the discipline of songwriting. My expectation were surpassed by far, and I can only recommend at the strongest this epic piece of freak-out music to every follower of space, kraut and psychedelic prog rock music" - byPascal (Radio ARA, Luxemburg)



released October 1, 2015

Klaus, Lete, Tasio & YulDj



all rights reserved


Mechanik Madrid, Spain

Mechanik was spawned in Madrid in late 2011 through the single-cylinder sound of a bass drum. It fed on low frequency bass vibrations, ear-piercing guitar shrieks and electronic intonarumori.
It grew defiantly, showing a will of its own way past the control of its operators, eventually detaching itself to vibrate away into deep space.
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Track Name: Howl
Howl from Allen Ginsberg