You Yourself Are The Teacher And The Guru EP - Demo

by Mechanik

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released May 8, 2012



all rights reserved


Mechanik Madrid, Spain

Mechanik was spawned in Madrid in late 2011 through the single-cylinder sound of a bass drum. It fed on low frequency bass vibrations, ear-piercing guitar shrieks and electronic intonarumori.
It grew defiantly, showing a will of its own way past the control of its operators, eventually detaching itself to vibrate away into deep space.
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Track Name: Russian Doll DEMO
No life, my own,
No feelings, desire nor zest.
You look, at me
And never never guess.
'Cause I, am fixed
In fooling mode, babe,
Stuck in the same, the same fucking place.

I'm swinging ways
Anchored and drowned away,
Rocked around
Twin feeling waves.
(wanting more, more of you...
wanting more and more of you...)

Fooling all like a Russian Doll
All bare but full of many smaller me’s

Second hand lives
Worn like a thick skin,
Warm and nice,
Empty and cold,
driving me
Up and down the wall,
Binding me
Round and around you...

Fooling all like a Russian Doll
all bare but full of many smaller me’s.
Track Name: You Yourself are The Teacher and The Guru DEMO
"(What we are trying in all this discussions and talks here) is to see if we cannot radicaly bring about a transformation of the mind. Not accept things as they are, but to undestand it, to go into it, to examinate, give your heart and your mind with everything you have to find out.
A way of living differently.
But that depends on you and not somebody else, because in this there's no teacher, no pupil, there's no leader, there's no guru, there's no master, no servant. You yourself are the teacher and the pupil, you are the master, you are the guru, you are the leader.
And, to understand is to transform what is.
You are everything"

Jiddu Krishnamurti